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موضوع: Kingkiller Chronicles

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    همکار بازنشسته بخش کتاب و کتابخوانی binke آواتار ها
    تاریخ عضویت
    Feb 2010
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    Kingkiller Chronicles

    The Name of the Wind

    Kingkiller Chronicles, Day 1

    From Publishers Weekly
    Starred Review. The originality of Rothfuss's outstanding debut fantasy, the first of a trilogy, lies less in its unnamed imaginary world than in its precise execution. Kvothe ("pronounced nearly the same as 'Quothe' "), the hero and villain of a thousand tales who's presumed dead, lives as the simple proprietor of the Waystone Inn under an assumed name. Prompted by a biographer called Chronicler who realizes his true identity, Kvothe starts to tell his life story. From his upbringing as an actor in his family's traveling troupe of magicians, jugglers and jesters, the Edema Ruh, to feral child on the streets of the vast port city of Tarbean, then his education at "the University," Kvothe is driven by twin imperatives—his desire to learn the higher magic of naming and his need to discover as much as possible about the Chandrian, the demons of legend who murdered his family. As absorbing on a second reading as it is on the first, this is the type of assured, rich first novel most writers can only dream of producing. The fantasy world has a new star

    Product Details

    * Paperback: 672 pages
    * Publisher: DAW Trade; Reprint edition (April 7, 2009)
    * Language: English
    * ISBN-10: 0756405890
    * ISBN-13: 978-0756405892
    * Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 1.4 inches
    * Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
    * Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars See all reviews (753 customer reviews)

    well well well i think we've got a winner here
    based on reviews and what i have read so far the name of the winds promises a fantastic beginning for an epic fantasy
    thus in the name of the wind we shall start
    you've got say till end of this month just over three weeks to finish this book
    as always please bear in mind to warn us if you are going to post a spoiler

    ویرایش توسط Madman : 02-22-2012 در ساعت 07:43 PM

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    کاربر افتخاری فروم Madman آواتار ها
    تاریخ عضویت
    Jun 2008

    پاسخ : Kingkiller Chronicles

    راستش این کتاب زیاد بهم نچسبید این 800 صفحه اش بیشتر به یه مقدمه میخورد
    شخصیتش اصلا آدم نمیتونه باهاش ارتباط برقرار کنه ، از یک طرف زیادی باهوشه و خوش شانس(تقریبن) از طرف دیگه همه کارست
    وجود اون دختره هم خیلی اعصاب خرد کنه
    وقتی زمان حال بود قشنگتر بود تا وقتی که خاطراتش رو میگفت، بهترین چیزش هم که باعث میشد خواننده به خواندن ادامه بده وجود اون موجودات مرموز بود

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