Thank you for joining the book club

Please make sure to study this before posting a new thread
As its name suggest we have come together to read and discuss books as a group -

so please dont start topics that are irrelevant to our purpose

As a rule it is obligatory for all members to have good knowledge of English language so we won’t be binded to study books only from Persian literature

Please make sure to take part in discussions and nominations if you are not an -

active member your membership might be excluded

Please nominate the books that you find suitable in common room-

If you have read a book and you think other members ought to know about it -

please don’t hesitate to recommend us the mentioned book(in i reccomend) if possible write a -

little bit about it and give us a download link

A new topic will be created for each book that we have decided to read and all -

of the discussions about that specific book should be posted there

If you are going to post a spoiler please warn us in advance-

Finally this is not an English forum however all the topics will be in English so -

feel free to discuss whatever you want with other members in Persian but don’t

be shy about using English words